On Asking For Help And Ditching The Shame!

I’ve been pondering recently how we often find it so hard to ask for help, and the shame still associated with menopause and getting older. I had to ask for help for the most basic of things lately- washing my hair! Since my accident (I slipped on a wet changing room floor and ended up with 14 […]

We Can All Make A Difference (To Help Save The Planet)

Sometimes I look at the enormity of the world’s problems, especially the last couple of years, and it seems there’s little any individual can do to change things. But many of you know I’m passionate about challenging the status quo. And when I doubt my own ability to change things, I remember this wonderful quote […]

Beauty Is Ageless

Why do we believe beauty is the exclusive domain of youth? It’s time to start appreciating the beauty of mature women in all their glory.

Sex And Menopause – Keeping You Sexy

Sex and the menopause – a contentious subject? But it doesn’t have to be contentious nor taboo! Menopause means your body’s changing and so may your sex life. But not necessarily for the worse. It may even be an exciting new beginning! But if you’re suffering from menopause symptoms (or actually peri-menopause symptoms), experiencing decreased desire, and […]

What It Helps To Know About Perimenopause

Did you know when most people talk about menopause symptoms, they really mean perimenopause symptoms? Perimenopause feels like a word in disguise, hiding in the shadows, waiting patiently for its day in the spotlight, when the world wakes up to its masquerading Big Sister menopause. As if life wasn’t complicated enough! So what do perimenopause and menopause actually mean? […]

Realizing A Dream – Going On BBC Woman’s Hour!

This week I realised a dream! I’ve long been an admirer of BBC Woman’s Hour. When I first created the Mutton Club and then the Magnificent Midlife Members Club, I knew Woman’s Hour would be the perfect forum for my message of challenging the status quo and changing perceptions of older women. For those of you […]