About Rachel

I'm Rachel Lankester, founder of Magnificent Midlife.

When I was 41, I was given a diagnosis of early menopause. I was hoping for a second child at the time, so it was pretty devastating.

It meant the end of my fertility and dreams of that baby. It also catapulted me into a period of intense self-doubt, sadness and feeling very lost.

I had no idea why this had happened to me, nor how to take care of myself.  I also allowed the diagnosis to completely change my perception of who I was as a woman.  I saw myself as a dried-up old prune!

Over time I discovered that diet, lifestyle and mindset can massively impact perimenopausal hormonal change and for a short time my menstrual cycle and premenopausal hormone levels came back

I also eventually realized I am no less of a woman because I am older, even though society likes to tell me that on a daily basis. Looking around, I couldn't find resources to help me, so I created them. I didn't want women to arrive in perimenopause as unprepared, disconcerted and sad as me. 

I didn't want any perimenopausal woman to feel this was the beginning of the end, as I did.

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I want women to see the magnificence in midlife and menopause, and to feel empowered to embrace what may be the best stage of their lives yet. 

I now spend my time challenging negative sexist, ageist stereotypes and narratives wherever and whenever I can. I help women get the messy midlife stuff sorted, so you can create and sustain a next chapter that will excite and delight you long term. 

I'm passionate about helping women navigate the often messy middle of life. So you can thrive not just survive. And become the woman you were always meant to be. 

I believe the older and more experienced we get, the more we have to offer the world and especially those women coming up behind us.  We get better with age not worse. 

I don't believe in denying we're getting older or hiding it either. I'm not ashamed to be a midlife woman. I'm proud of it. I think I've earned those midlife stripes just as much as I've earned the laughter lines around my eyes. They don't diminish me in any way.  And no, despite appearances, I don't dye my hair. If you look closely you'll see a few white ones!

I wrote a book about all this - Magnificent Midlife: Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause and Beyond. It was recommended in the New York Times as one of the 7 top books about menopause! 

I'm also the founder of The Mutton Club, an online magazine celebrating women 40+ which is where this all began. You might like that too. And I founded MenoClarity in 2023 because I felt there was too much scaremongering, hype and fear in current menopause narratives, especially in the UK. 

I share fabulous stories from wonderfully inspiring women in midlife and beyond on the Magnificent Midlife Podcast. For a quick dose of inspiration, it can't be beaten. That was recommended in the Sunday Times! 

You can see more of my media coverage on my media page.

A little video on changing the midlife status quo!

5 fun facts about me....

Standing Around

She-Shed Dweller

Cat Cuddles


China Talk

It took 8 years of trying but I can now stand on my head. I need a wall for confidence but my feet don't usually touch it! 

Magnificent Midlife HQ is a gorgeous wooden office in my garden. If it had a loo and a shower I'd live in it permanently. 

I had two rescue cats, a big ginger tom and a little black and white girl. Sadly only the ginger now, but he rules the roost!

Never athletic in my youth, I ran my first half marathon in my 50th year. It nearly killed me but boy was it good to finish!

Believe it or not I speak Chinese! I studied it at college and occasionally still get to show off in Chinese restaurants! 

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