Episode 30: Just doing it and living the dream with Jo Moseley

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A return visit from the amazing Jo Moseley. Since I last spoke to her in Season 1 at the beginning of 2019, Jo has completed a North of England coast-to-coast stand-up paddleboard challenge, becoming the only woman ever to have done this at the tender age of 54. Part 1 of Jo on the podcast is Episode 3. I’m so inspired by this woman and I know you’ll love catching up with her adventures.

We talk about:

  • How Jo doesn’t consider herself a sporty person but loves to move
  • How she set herself the challenge of stand-up paddle-boarding from Liverpool to Goole, 162 miles across the country
  • How she ended up paddle-boarding at the Chelsea Flower Show and the fun she had there
  • The importance of not taking yourself too seriously
  • Being open to possibility
  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
  • Living a simple but brave life
  • Envisaging a future version of ourselves and wondering what they would do or say
  • How Jo trained for such a big challenge
  • How she used visualization and self talk to inspire herself to keep going
  • The importance of believing in yourself
  • How telling everyone what she was going to do helped her actually do it
  • How adrenaline carried her through the atrocious weather
  • Picking up litter as she paddle-boarded
  • Making friends online
  • Finding help in unexpected places
  • Inter-generational understanding and friendship- millenials and midlifers
  • The gift of learning from younger people
  • Moving beyond being fearful of life
  • The importance of making the very most of life
  • How the death of friends focuses the mind on how short and precious life is
  • Being grateful for having the chance to try these big challenges
  • Moving on from a time when just getting out of bed was hard
  • Being recognized having been on the telly
  • Wanting to share her story to help other women feel better

And more!

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