How Riding A Bike Indoors Strengthened My Bad Knee!
Indoor cycling is my new favorite exercise. Here's what I put in place.
Menopause And Disability – Need They Be Linked?
Is menopause a disability? Should we have to claim it is to prove discrimination at work? A look at the wider context of what that means.
Books I Read Last Year – 2023
All the books I read last year. Something for everyone!
Best Books To Give As Gifts – My Top 10 Recommendations
Books are great gifts that can inspire, educate, and entertain. Here are recommendations to help you choose the best books to give as gifts.
An Easy Overnight Hike From London
Here's an easy overnight hike from London that will calm your mind, exercise your body and bring you joy - with the right gear of course!
Government Policy On Menopause – What Exactly Is It?
A look at UK government policy on menopause and which Women and Equalities Committee recommendations it rejected or accepted.
How To Overcome Menopause Brain Fog
Menopause brain fog is an issue for many women. Here's what causes it and what to do about it. Don't be scared. It will usually pass.
Depression In Menopause
Why does depression in menopause happen and what can you do about it? Here are lots of ideas to help. Don't suffer in silence!
How To Do 100 Days Sober
I can’t believe it but I’ve done over 100 days with no alcohol! Here’s how and what I learned.
Breast Cancer, Menopause And HRT
Is it safe to take HRT when you've had breast cancer? Dr Liz O'Riordan explains what you need to know to understand the risks involved.
How To Embrace Middle Age
Rather than dreading or fighting it, here's how to make the most out of midlife and beyond.
Sex And Menopause – Keeping You Sexy
Sex and menopause may call for some extra creativity. Here are our top tips to help you feel great and maintain your satisfaction and pleasure.
Thoughts On Approaching My Elderhood
Some may think I'm already old. I prefer age to be less binary. We don't go from young to old. I'm older and approaching my elderhood.
What Happens When You Mix Menopause And Alcohol?
We may like a drink, but is menopause and alcohol good for us or a mix to be avoided? Here are some things to consider.
Natural Treatment For Menopause – All You Need To Know
Here's everything you need to know about natural treatment for menopause. Make positive changes in diet and lifestyle and you may not need HRT.
Coming Off HRT – How I Did It
How I came off HRT, what I put in place then and continue to do now. It needn't be hard or scary!
Menopause And Suicide – Challenging The Narrative
A shocking link between menopause and suicide is often quoted. But do the actual figures match the message?
My Best Essential Oil Blends
Here are my best essential oil blends! For mood, menopause, focus and health support. Seasonal blends to evoke the best of life! Enjoy!
Women Over 50 – 7 Things To Remember
Women over 50 often lose confidence due to ageism and sexism. Here are important things to remember to counter that!
Maybe My Best Podcast Yet – As A Guest!
I love podcasting, being a host and a guest. This may be my best podcast as a guest - I was on fire on the Thriving Thru Menopause Podcast!
Writing A Book For The First Time – What I Learnt
What I have learnt about writing a book for the first time.
Are You Feeling Sad About Getting Older? Don’t!
We look at why aging is so much harder for women and what to do about that. So there's no more feeling sad about getting older!
What Causes Menopause Belly Fat? (And Ways To Lose It)
Many of us put on menopause belly fat. Here's why it can often be an issue and how best to get a handle on it for your long term health.
Want To Create A New Chapter In Life? Here’s How.
Tips on how to start creating a new chapter in life. Because life isn't endless and the best time to get started is now!
Is It True 900,000 Women Left Work Because Of Menopause?
Many sources say 900,000 women left work because of menopause. Here's why that doesn't stack up and how the figure was calculated.
Menopause, HRT And The Importance Of Staying Curious
Let's ask more questions about how to thrive through menopause and beyond, not just accept the new HRT for all and long term narrative.
How To Regain Your Confidence In Midlife
Top tips for how to regain your confidence in midlife. Losing it often happens. Here's how to get it back for your magnificent next chapter.
Must-Read Books About Menopause, Making The Most Of Life And Ageing Well
Top books about menopause and ageing well. So much to learn from these gems. And lots of fun reading some of them too!
How To Cope With An Empty Nest
Lots of help on how to cope in your empty nest. How to adapt and make the very most of your life when the children leave home.
All You Need To Know About Symptoms Of Menopause
All about symptoms of menopause, how to cope and how to take back control and embrace this time of potentially magnificent midlife transformation.
What Is A Toxic Relationship? Understanding And Coping
Understanding what a toxic relationship is means you can recognize and recover from its damaging effects and hopefully move on.
Your Optimal Hormone Balancing Diet – During And After Menopause
How to balance your hormones with the right diet, before, during and after menopause. What and how you eat makes all the difference!
Top Tips For Dealing With Perimenopause Anxiety
Anxiety can be a big issue for women in midlife. There's a lot going on! Here are top tips for dealing with perimenopause anxiety.
How To Manage Menopause Fatigue
Many women suffer from fatigue during menopause. Find out how to find more energy so you can thrive not just survive.
Menopause And Depression – Giving Context To Statistics
Is menopause really to blame for midlife depression and even thoughts of suicide? There's a lot else going on which often gets overlooked.
Why I Want To Change The Menopause Narrative
Menopause gets a bad rap. How about we re-frame it and change the menopause narrative, so we stop fighting it, and instead embrace it and find its gifts.
Dealing With Unresolved Issues
How to deal with and move on from unresolved issues that can stop us living to our full potential, as well as finding peace.
Menopause Matters – Resources To Help
All our wonderful perimenopause and menopause resources in one place. Be prepared not scared!
How To Start A Business In Midlife
Top tips for starting a business in midlife. Expert advice on what it helps to know, how to follow your dream and actually make it happen.
7 Ways To Deal With Perimenopausal Rage
What causes perimenopausal rage and what to do about it. Here are 7 ways to cope, as well as turn it into a force for good!
Getting Truly Revolutionary About Menopause
A look at how the menopause revolution narrative needs to change, if it is to be truly revolutionary and empowering for women.
10 Natural Remedies for Menopause Aches and Pains
Don't put up with pain and discomfort. Or assume you necessarily need drugs. Here are 10 easy natural remedies for menopause aches and pains!
Creating A New Normal
Pondering how we adapt to our new world and how midlife women, in particular, can step forward and create the new normal the world so desperately needs.
Confronting Racism and 400 Years of Oppression
Understanding anti-Black racism, especially in the US, requires an appreciation of 400 years of oppression. Kimberly McCormick explains why.
Hormone Imbalance Symptoms and Immune Systems
The truth about hormone imbalance symptoms, the many things in our lives that impact hormonal balance and how all that weakens our immune system.
Why Black Lives Matter
Talking to Kwavi Agbeyegbe about her experience of racism, why Black lives matter and why more White people need to step forward and join the movement.
Best Podcasts For Women In Midlife (Like Me)
Some of the best podcasts for women in midlife and beyond if you're curious, multi-passionate and love to learn.
Racism And Us – Black Lives Matter
Thoughts on learning about and understanding the Black Lives Matter movement, and why we all need to stand up and combat racism.
What Is Death Like? How To Do Death Well
We all wonder what death is like, though we may not admit it. We don't need to be fearful. Here's what to expect and how to plan for a good death.
How To Keep A Relationship Healthy Under Pressure
How to keep a relationship healthy and working well, particularly when under stress.
Pondering The Pandemic And Life After Coronavirus
Pondering the implications of the pandemic. Rachel talks about adapting and how we might imagine a new 'normal' in life after coronavirus.
How To Be Creative
You may feel horrid, but with a bit more time on your hands, you have a chance to discover how to be creative during coronavirus. Why not give it a go?
Tips On How To Manage Anxiety
Feeling anxious? Here's a calming, practical list of resources and tips on how to manage anxiety.
Coronavirus Support and Information
An evolving list of coronavirus support, resources and information - all in one easily accessible place to help at this difficult time.
What I Learnt The Hard Way About Facial Scar Treatment
What happened when I cracked my face open in a swimming pool changing room in Turkey and what I learnt about facial scar treatment.
Signs Of Early Menopause – What To Look Out For
All about possible signs of early menopause you need to be aware of and how to get the support you need if you get this diagnosis.
Volunteering for Crisis at Christmas
Volunteering for Crisis at Christmas was an incredible experience. Fun, inspiring and so worthwhile. Here's what I did and why I highly recommend it.
My Year Not Buying New Clothes
I spent a whole year not buying new clothes apart from underwear and shoes. It changed my life!
When A Little Bit Of Faith Might Help
Sometimes it would be nice to have a little bit of faith. Coping with more death as we age would probably be a lot easier to deal with.
The 34 Symptoms Of Menopause
Full list of the 34 symptoms of menopause, what to look out for and how you can help yourself through your midlife transition.
Delay Menopause? No Thank You! (Have You Heard About The Whales?)
How it helps to rethink menopause and what it means for us. And how post menopausal whales become the leaders of their pods.
Top Tips For When You’re Feeling A Bit Lost
It’s so easy sometimes to get stuck in a negative spiral, isn’t it! Here are our top tips to get you back on track when you're feeling lost.
What It Helps To Know About (Peri)Menopause
Why it helps to understand perimenopause, what to expect, when to expect it and the natural remedies that can help ease symptoms.
How To Stop Hot Flushes (And Hot Flashes!)
Are you burning up? Here's how to stop hot flushes without HRT. You don't need to suffer!
In A Downward Spiral? Most Certainly Not!
Do you ever assume a negative change in yourself is age-related? And it won't improve because you're now in a downward spiral? Do you call momentary lapses of memory 'senior' moments? Well don't!!
Changing The Narrative About Menopause And Midlife
How early menopause led me to focus on changing the narrative about menopause and midlife. It's my mission to communicate my message to other midlife women!
Listen To The Magnificent Midlife Podcast!
We celebrate, champion and empower women in midlife and beyond. We bash negative stereotypes about being an older woman.
How To Have A Good Divorce
Impossible as it may seem, you can have a good divorce – or at least not a terrible one! Here are our tips on how to have a good divorce.
Talking About Menopause – On The Midlife A-Go-Go Podcast
I was delighted to be invited to be interviewed for the Midlife A-Go-Go podcast by the very lovely Valerie Albarda.[...]
Lessons From A Month Off Alcohol!
What I learnt from taking a month off alcohol. It's good to be aware of how much you're drinking and to give your liver a rest!
How To Thrive Through Menopause
Menopause is just another of life's stages. And we're lucky if we get that far! Here are easy strategies on how to thrive through the symptoms of menopause.
Menopause Age – Not A Reliable Or Consistent Number!
Menopause age is different for each of us. Menopause can even begin very rarely as early as teenagehood but is much more likely to start in your 40s.
On Asking For Help And Ditching The Shame!
It's time to stop being ashamed of being menopausal or getting older. It's our time to shine! But we all need help from time to time.
We Can All Make A Difference (To Help Save The Planet)
However small and insignificant we may feel, we can all make a difference. Just consider what we can each do to help the environment day to day.
How To Stop Feeling Invisible? Wear Your Top Colours!
All about the fascinating topic of colour analysis and how it can stop you feeling at all invisible!
A Night At The UK Blog Awards (And Some Other Great Midlife Blogs)
All about Rachel's night at a fabulous awards ceremoney when The Mutton Club was a UK Blog Awards finalist! Great fun all round.
Beauty Is Ageless
Why do we believe beauty is the exclusive domain of youth? It's time to start appreciating the beauty of mature women in all their glory.
Finding The Magic Outside Your Comfort Zone
The comfort zone may be a lovely place. But it's not where the magic happens!
The Day I Met Yogi Tao Porchon-Lynch
Rachel Lankester writes about the day she finally met her idol, Tao Porchon-Lynch, and the inspiring life lessons she had to share.
Realizing A Dream – Going On BBC Woman’s Hour!
Rachel Lankester writes about finally getting to be a guest on BBC Woman’s Hour and talking about her positive experience of menopause and midlife.
Modelling For Prima Magazine – At 51
Rachel Lankester takes us on a behind the scenes tour of her day modelling for Prima Magazine at the tender age of 51.
What Singing Means To Me
Rachel Lankester writes about her love of gospel singing, despite being a non-believer, and what an important part of her midlife toolkit it is.

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