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Delay menopause? No thank you! (Let’s be more whale.)
How it helps to rethink menopause and what it means for us. And how post menopausal whales become the leaders of their pods.
Natural Treatment For Menopause – So You Won’t Need HRT!
Here's everything you need to know if you prefer natural treatment for menopause. Make positive changes in diet and lifestyle and you likely won't need HRT.
Top Tips For When You’re Feeling A Bit Lost
It’s so easy sometimes to get stuck in a negative spiral isn’t it! Here are our top tips to get you back on track when your mojo has gone walkabout.
How To Stop Hot Flushes Without HRT (And Hot Flashes!)
Are you burning up? Here's how to stop hot flushes without HRT. You don't need to suffer!
In A Downward Spiral? Most Certainly Not!
Do you ever assume a negative change in yourself is age-related? And it won't improve because you're now in a downward spiral? Do you call momentary lapses of memory 'senior' moments? Well don't!!
Why I’m Always Talking About Midlife And Menopause!
How my early menopause led me to set up Magnificent Midlife. And why it's my mission to communicate my message to other midlife women!
Listen To The Podcast!
Celebrating women in midlife and beyond, challenging the status quo and bashing negative stereotypes about being a bit older. Over the hill? On a downward slope? Nope, we get better with age not worse. Rachel Lankester talks all things midlife, sharing fabulous stories of magnificent women doing very cool stuff. Now's our time!
How To Have A Good Divorce
Impossible as it may seem, you can have a good divorce – or at least not a terrible one! Here are our tips on how to have a good divorce.
Lessons From A Month Off Alcohol!
Rachel Lankester shares what she learnt from taking a month off alcohol. It's good to be aware of how much you're drinking and to give your liver a rest!
How To Thrive Through Menopause
Menopause is just another of life's stages. And we're lucky if we get that far! Here are easy strategies on how to thrive through the symptoms of menopause.
Why I Want To Change The Menopause Narrative
Menopause gets a bad rap. How about we re-frame it and change the menopause narrative, so we stop fighting it, and instead embrace it and find its gifts.
Menopause Age – Not A Reliable Or Consistent Number!
Menopause age is different for each of us. Menopause can even begin very rarely as early as teenagehood but is much more likely to start in your 40s.
On Asking For Help And Ditching The Shame!
It's time to stop being ashamed of being menopausal or getting older. It's our time to shine! But we all need help from time to time.
We Can All Make A Difference (To Help Save The Planet)
However small and insignificant we may feel, we can all make a difference. Just consider what we can each do to help the environment day to day.
How To Stop Feeling Invisible? Wear Your Top Colours!
All about the fascinating topic of colour analysis and how it can stop you feeling at all invisible!
A Night At The UK Blog Awards (And Some Other Great Midlife Blogs)
All about Rachel's night at a fabulous awards ceremoney when The Mutton Club was a UK Blog Awards finalist! Great fun all round.
Beauty Is Ageless
Why do we believe beauty is the exclusive domain of youth? It's time to start appreciating the beauty of mature women in all their glory.
Finding The Magic Outside Your Comfort Zone
The comfort zone may be a lovely place. But it's not where the magic happens!
Life Lessons From 100-Year-Old Yogi Tao Porchon-Lynch
Rachel Lankester writes about the day she finally met her idol, Tao Porchon-Lynch, and the inspiring life lessons she has to share.
Sex And Menopause – Keeping You Sexy
Sex and symptoms of menopause may call for some extra creativity. Here are our top tips to help you feel great and maintain your satisfaction and pleasure.
What It Helps To Know About Perimenopause
Why it helps to understand perimenopause, what to expect, when to expect it and the natural remedies that can help ease symptoms.
Realizing A Dream – Going On BBC Woman’s Hour!
Rachel Lankester writes about finally getting to be a guest on BBC Woman’s Hour and talking about her positive experience of menopause and midlife.
Modelling For Prima Magazine – At 51
Rachel Lankester takes us on a behind the scenes tour of her day modelling for Prima Magazine at the tender age of 51.
What Singing Means To Me
Rachel Lankester writes about her love of gospel singing, despite being a non-believer, and what an important part of her midlife toolkit it is.