Talking About Menopause – On The Midlife A-Go-Go Podcast

I was delighted to be invited to be interviewed for the Midlife A-Go-Go podcast by the very lovely Valerie Albarda. She’s as passionate as me about changing the narratives around menopause and midlife in general. And stopping menopause being a taboo subject and the crazy shame so many women feel about it.

I had great fun taking part and the day after it was published I got the following email:

“Brilliant podcast!

The bits that stayed with me were hearing “Puberty in reverse” and “Natural pause in our lives”.
It really resonated with me when you spoke about looking back on what you had achieved between 20 and 50 and that’s the same length of time as 50 to 80. It is now making me plan what I want to do before I’m 80 and made me realize that there is no reason to do less.
Thanks x”


I was so delighted! That’s exactly the kind of feedback that makes what I do all worth while. Because sometimes it’s hard to go out there and talk about this stuff.  But that’s where my passion to change things for the better keeps me going.


So why not check it out and tell me what you think. And if you like it and know of someone who’d benefit from it please, please share.



I’ve taken the liberty of copying the podcast timestamps from Valerie’s blog below:


Show Highlights

[02:09]  Buying into what society tells us.[02:39]  Is our fertility tied to our value as women?

[03:40]  We’re aging from the day we’re born.

[04:30]  Reevaluating menopause and how we look at it.

[05:49]  We’re not living our mother’s menopause.

[06:36]  What Rachel thinks menopause is really trying to tell us.

[07:10]  Hot flush (flash) triggers.

[09:18]  Phytoestrogens and menopause.

[12:00]  Rachel and HRT.

[14:20]  Foods rich in amino acids and protein can help with mood swings.

[15:12]  Don’t hate menopause; hate the symptoms.

[15:52]  We are different post-menopause.

[18:01]  The power of our mindset.

[23:04]  Other things to try for symptoms.

[27:30]  Let’s talk about vaginal dryness.

[31:51]  Taking ownership.

[33:36]  Weight lifting, metabolism, muscles and menopause.

[41:10]  Show closing.


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