Magnificent Midlife 

Book Resources

I'm so delighted you're reading or have read my book! Here are additional resources to help build your magnificence!  

These will be particularly useful if you've only got the audiobook . You may also like the Appendix,  Bibliography and Endnotes available below. 

Rachel x

Chapter Review Questions

The Check-In questions at the end of each chapter - useful if you have the audio or electronic versions of the book, or you'd just like these as a separate document.

Possibility Exercise

The Possibility Exercise from Chapter Nine.

Midlife Audit 

The Midlife Audit framework you work through in Chapter Eleven.

Full Life Audit Snapshot - Fillable

An online sheet for you to plug in your answers and do some analysis from the Midlife Audit. This sheet is what I call fillable! That means you can download it and fill in your answers without having to print it out. Be sure to save your answers on the document though!

Appendix, Bibliography and End Notes 

If you listened to the audiobook and would like the Appendix, Bibliography and Endnotes, you can access those here.

Ultimate Natural Menopause Relief Checklist

My Ultimate Natural Menopause Relief Checklist - a list of everything I've ever discovered to help with any tricky issues during your menopause transition. 

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