Some of our most popular Members Club workshops, are also available to buy individually.

Weight Loss (& Maintenance) Workshop 

In this incredibly useful and practical workshop we cover everything you need to know to both lose weight and maintain a healthy one. It's particularly focused on maintaining a good weight in midlife and beyond, and focuses on our particular issues in this area.

We’ve worked with Lisa Swanson, a certified health and nutrition coach, and personal trainer. She helps women get and stay healthy long term. She’s also an orthopedic exercise specialist so she's phenomenally qualified to help us. We look at diet, what exercise we need to do, why and how often, and provide several workouts you can easily do at home.

One member said after doing the workshop, which includes a full body workout video, she felt she'd had a personal training session with Lisa! The workshop is three videos with an accompanying Weight Loss Workbook, downloadable full body workout video to use at home, and other workout downloads. The cost for this workshop is just $30.

Natural Menopause Workshop 

Are you struggling with menopause and the mixed messages about it?  Are you wondering whether to take HRT, or try to embrace a more natural transition? It can be so confusing can't it! This workshop with Rachel tells you all you need to know about how to manage the transition naturally and empower you to feel confident in your choices.

The workshop covers Menopause 101, everything you need to know about what it is, how long it lasts and what to expect; what you can do to manage specific symptoms; and particular advice for the following issues: insomnia, hot flashes/flushes, anxiety and vaginal dryness.  The workshop is three videos with an accompanying menopause checklist and symptom tracker sheet. The cost for this workshop is just $20.

Empty Nest Workshop

Transitioning from full house to an empty nest can be a tricky time for many of us. First you have to deal with the emotional impact and a massive change in your role. It helps to remember your role was to enable them to fly! Now the opportunities available to you are potentially limitless.

In this workshop I'm joined by Empty Nest Coach Christine Maziarz for a look at how to cope when our children leave home and how to make the most of our empty nest.  We delve into how to uncover your future, experimenting with ideas and then make something great happen.  The workshop is three videos with an accompanying Empty Nest Workbook. The cost for this workshop is just $20.

My signature Midlife Wellness Reboot Program. 

Midlife Wellness Reboot Program

An online self-study program to help optimize your physical wellness in midlife and beyond. 7 transformative workshops to help get you in the very best of health and stay that way.

These cover menopause, optimal nutrition, looking after your liver for hormonal balance, weight loss and maintenance, building more movement into your life, protecting and maintaining optimal energy and handling your emotional responses better so you don't get in your own way! 

All the workshops above are part of our online Members Club. If you'd like access to all our workshops and bespoke courses, why not join us! For a monthly subscription (less than $1 a day) you get immediate access to all of these and lots more.

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