Favorite Products

Here are some of my favorite products that make life a bit easier/better/more comfortable! I hope you like them too!

*Please note there are affiliate links on my site. I may make a small commission if you click on these or make a purchase. I do this to keep the wheels on the bus!  

These are supposed to be good for your skin if you're a side sleeper like me. It's just really cool and nice on my face. They're also supposed to be good for curly hair! A little bit of luxury!

This is a great cheap alternative to a standing desk and it's easily moveable and adjustable. You can of course always put your laptop on a box but this gives you more height flexibility.

Sitting is the new smoking huh! I'm not good on chairs at the best of time. They tend to give me sciatic pain. This is what I sit on when I'm sitting down to work or even just reading at the kitchen table. Good for posture and balance too if you're mindful about both! And of course, exercise!

I have two of these, one in the lounge and one in my office, to encourage me to meditate. I even sit on one on the floor to watch TV rather than on the sofa!

I've recently discovered essential oils and I'm wondering where they've been all my life. They help me focus, calm me down and uplift me. I love experimenting with blends for my diffusers. This is a lovely set to give you lots of possibilities for blends for any occasion.

What I use to diffuse my essential oil blends. I have one in the house and this one in the garden office - it has lots of different light settings too!  I really enjoy experimenting with different essential oil blends.

The family finds this very useful for little memos/things to remember on the fridge. We assign a different color to each family member. Stops me nagging too! Various sizes but I like the small version.

Over the last couple of years I've really tried to keep up with a journaling practice. I find it really helps. The Artist's Way book got me started on this. These are the notebooks I use and when I'm doing morning pages I try to fill 3 pages of A4.

I like complete darkness when I sleep. (I also use wax earplugs to completely shut out the world.) I love this soft silk version which is adjustable too.

I needed a new show cap having run out of those plastic ones you get in hotels. This one looked such fun and has brought me a lot of simple joy.

I had laser eye surgery but still now need reading glasses especially for the computer as they reduce eye strain. Here are on my on brand (red) reading glasses.

For years I'd only use retractable pencils. Not sure why exactly. Now I've embraced the pen and there's more permanence to my writing. This is what I use every day and for my journaling.

Do you have a partner who snores? This has saved my husband from being exceedingly unpopular! These earplugs block out pretty much everything and are very comfortable. 

I buy this in bulk and have it with organic soya milk every day. I love it! I haven't had any caffeine since my early menopause diagnosis at 41.

I love these dumbbells - they don't roll on or damage a wooden floor, they have a lovely texture and come in lovely colors too.

I use this every day to plan my life and stay accountable.

Great hands-free small bag for my walks. I wear it cross body and it's fab.

I long resisted Amazon Echo devices. I'm not keen on this technology! But when my elderly mum isn't well and still living alone, this device has proved a God send. If this device is set up to be on your account but you leave it somewhere else, you can 'drop in' on camera and say hi to your loved one without anything else required. Brilliant for easily keeping in touch on camera for those who struggle even with Facetime on a smart device. 

Achy muscles be gone with this fabulous tool. Used by physios and masseurs to help loosen tight muscles and improve mobility. Use by yourself or get your partner to help. Highly recommended! 

I'm a big fan of jumping rope. It's amazing. I buy my jump ropes from Dope Ropes and you can get 10% off a lovely new rope with the code MAGNIFICENT. Great cardio and a quick burst of high impact exercise. Fitness in double quick time! And great for maintaining bone density too. 

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Personal Care Products

Here are my current favorite personal care products, mostly pretty natural, because I have sensitive skin and want to limit my toxic load from ingredients. 

*Please note there are affiliate links on my site. I may make a small commission if you click on these or make a purchase. I do this to keep the wheels on the bus!  

I have really sensitive skin and have to keep ingredients as natural as possible.  This hand and body lotion is a good price and doesn't dry out my skin as so many less 'natural' ones do.

I've been using these for years and each one lasts for years too!  

I love this and a little goes a very long way. I make my own whipped Shea butter from this using an electric hand mixer and a few drops of lavender oil.  It's the best for dry skin!

I suffered terribly with acne in my youth and I still get the odd spot now in my 50s! This is my favorite product for zapping any!

I spent ages looking for the perfect solid shampoo and this is it for my still quite greasy hair. A bar lasts about four months and I wash my hair ever 2/3 days.

I used to insist on organic lubes but then I discovered this one which is too good not to use. Because it's silicon based it stays on the skin and super slippery!

I love this all natural oil. It's very rich but not heavy. I use it on my face, especially in the winter when my skin is dryer. My husband loves it too.