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Magnificent (Mid)life 

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The Magnificent Midlife Members Club is where you'll get the strategies, support and connection  you need to live the very best next phase of life.


Whether that's prioritizing your health and fitness, finally starting to put yourself first or having the confidence to pursue those dreams you put on hold.


The Magnificent Midlife members club will help you build self belief and confidence, and find clarity, direction and purpose in the next exciting phase of life. Our fun and practical workshops will teach you new skills and concepts to help you thrive. Our exclusive interviews with women doing super cool things in midlife and beyond, will entertain and inspire you. Our wonderful community will be there to support you over the bumps and applaud your success. 

Maybe you want to make exercise a habit, get your diet sorted, volunteer, find your passion, write a book or even start a business!   If you have a niggling feeling you're meant to do more and it just won't go away, and you're done settling, we'll help you figure it all out and make things happen. We'll make you laugh and feel empowered along the way. And we'll help ease all the regular day-to-day stuff too.  It's your time to grow and shine! 

The Members Club doors open again on  February 22nd for a week. Click the button below to get notified as soon as we invite new members to join. 

Become a Member for only $29 per month, less than $1 a day (except in February!)  

Just 30 minutes a week could make a MAGNIFICENT difference!



Build the life you crave rather than the one you’ve ended up with – because we only have one! And life is precious and not infinite!

Embrace and celebrate who you are NOW, so you fulfill your potential, rather than getting bogged down in the negative midlife narratives society feeds us.

Get to grips with the messy, time and energy-consuming aspects of midlife so you can get to the good stuff pronto! Learn to prioritize you!

Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a community of like-minded women who are there to support each other.

Get clarity on your priorities and needs going forward, and how to focus on those – so everyone benefits. Let's celebrate you!

Be inspired to go for your dreams and see they are actually far more attainable than you may have ever imagined.



Love dipping into the Magnificent Midlife Members Club anytime anywhere. Loads of helpful information shared by a kind and supportive community. I feel normal after reading and listening to other women's stories. We are on this journey together, you don't have to go it alone. 

Katie Cooney, US


I feel I've found a tribe of like-minded women to hang out with even if it's a virtual one. the Magnificent Midlife Members Club has prompted me to be more proactive about how I see my ageing self.  All  the workshops have provided a wealth of information to me and after each and every one I’m amazed at how much I didn’t know I didn’t know. the Members Club is helping me deal with the day-to-day malarkey of menopause. More importantly, it’s giving me the support I need to move forward hopefully, more gracefully and gratefully. 

Stacy Alcorn-Davenport, US/UK


I want to say thanks Rachel for the brilliant Members Club group call tonight. Whether they are personal goals (diet and sleep!) or business (love fleshing out the visions together and defining actions), it at last all just feels ordinary, real and timely. Really looking forward to meeting lots of other women at this ground-breaking and transformative stage of life and being a part of us all living the lives we want and need to fully live for our own and the world's sake.

Debbi Burch, UK


The Members Club is making a real difference to how I feel about what I can achieve -great mutual support and encouragement. Workshops, goal-setting, fun, lots of new ideas, accountability, inspiring profiles of amazing women - really opening doors for me. Lovely, awesome, friendly women to meet - truly life-enhancing. Thank you Rachel - moving on together!

Mary Greer , UK (Mary's a bit shy hence the flower!)

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