A collaborative 1-1 mentoring experience to get you started on your very best next chapter

Are you committed to taking a giant leap forward in your life?  To discover and start becoming who you were always meant to be? So you stop treading water and take inspired action in your next chapter?


Join me for a tailored 12 week 1-1 mentoring experience to transform where you are now, get you set for long-term health and happiness, and build a plan for where you're going next. 

This is for you if you'd like clarity on and strategies for:

  • dealing with whatever's holding you back 

  • prioritizing your midlife lifestyle for optimal well-being long-term 

  • boosting your confidence and providing a toolset so you become who you were always meant to be

  • uncovering a world of growth opportunities tailored for you 

  • banishing limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging tendencies  

  • finally uncovering your purpose and passion (big or small) so you live a more fulfilled and meaningful next chapter?

It won't be the easiest experience of your life! But meaningful change never is. I'll ask you to dig deep so we can work together to bring about real transformation. It's going to be exciting!

I'm Rachel Lankester, the founder of Magnificent Midlife and midlife mentor. I'm passionate about helping women navigate the often murky waters of midlife and beyond. So you thrive not just survive. And find that often elusive 'more' to life.

My role will be to challenge and support you while giving you the space to explore the myriad possibilities available to you in your next chapter. By the end of the 12 weeks you'll have clarity on how to be your best you, create a life you love and already be on the way to making that a reality. 

We'll meet for an hour online or over the phone every fortnight for 6 sessions of 1-1 mentoring. Between sessions you'll have access to online workshops, checklists, workbooks and email support from me as you build your toolkit to enable you to thrive. We'll be working on your transformation together.

You'll also have time to let each session percolate a little and to assimilate the ground covered. 1-1 sessions will be driven by your needs - this is a program tailored to you - but we'll probably explore the following key areas.

Getting Real About Now

In our first mentoring session, I'll get to know you and dig into what's working for you now and what isn't. No hanging about! We'll take a deep dive into what makes you tick and what keeps you up at night.

Think of this as the first coat of paint on your fresh new canvas. We want to get a handle on now so you know where you want to focus in our future sessions. You'll get clear on where the blocks are and what you want to prioritize during the program. 

Let's Get Physical

We'll take a look at how to get you on track to optimal health and well-being. We need to get the basics sorted before moving on to the big stuff. Are you hormonally challenged? Could your diet do with some work?

Could exercise do with a more prominent position in your life? Is stress having too much of an impact? We'll get you well-resourced to build an action plan to get you on track health-wise and stay that way long-term.

Warrior Woman 

This section of the program is all about building up your confidence so you can transition into who you were always meant to be. We'll identify and replace any self-sabotaging limiting beliefs. We'll unpick any narratives you may have subscribed to that simply don't serve you.

We'll look at the technique of visualization to get you where you want to be even if fear is getting in the way. You'll build a toolkit of techniques to get you back on the confidence train when it tries to make a sudden detour. 

A World of Possibility

Who do you want to become? How do you want to feel? This is the space in which to imagine your future and explore your passions.

We'll look at your desires, what's excited you in the past, where your innate strengths lie, where your sweet inspiration spot lies and start dreaming about possibilities in the future. Life is so much better when you're doing what lights you up, however big or small that might be. This is where the adventure begins.

Moving Forward

Most of us have accumulated some baggage by the time we get to midlife. It should be what inspires us rather than keeps us stuck. We'll evaluate any unresolved issues in your life and how you might deal with them or park them in a safe place.

You'll get strategies to stop these limiting you reaching your fullest potential. You'll look at what does and doesn't serve you as you move forward into your next chapter. This will include evaluating your relationships, validation for your hopes and dreams, and making sure you have the support networks you'll need to succeed.

Bring On The Passion

In the last live session of the program we revisit the work done before on developing your passions. You'll find at least one passion project to take forward (big or small) and start building the plan to make this a reality.

It's all about progress not perfection and you'll work out what your immediate next steps will be. You'll also work out what resources and support you need to keep your transformation momentum going.  

This is the only way to work in-depth 1-1 with me and I only work with a small number of clients at this intimate, completely personalized level. 

While we're working together you'll also have complementary access to my Magnificent Midlife Members Club, which is packed with relevant and valuable resources. 

Your investment for the 12-week program is US$795 and a payment plan is available. 

Why work with me? 

I worked many exciting but stressful years as a financial communications consultant in big busy places like London and New York. Then an early menopause at 41, when I was trying for a longed-for second child, turned my world upside down.  I spent a long time floundering. I questioned everything about myself, who I was, who I wanted to be.  

Talk about a big kick up the backside when it came to how I was living! I wondered how best to live the hopefully long life I still had left and how to move beyond negative ageist stereotypes about older women.  I no longer wanted the life I had.

I spent 10 years working out how to help myself and then others, get unstuck and excited again about where we're going in life.  I learnt to listen to my gut and those niggling feelings. And I learnt how to draw out what those feelings mean for others.

I got the basics of hormonal balance, general good health and well-being sorted, so I could start to thrive. I made peace with my own limiting beliefs about what I could and couldn't do. I worked out what I wanted for me and made it happen.

Now I love my life, mentoring other midlife women so they get to the good stuff quicker than me.  I'd love to show you how you can transform your life too.

Please fill in your details and the initial questionnaire through the form you'll find by clicking the "click here" button below. Then I'll be in touch so we can schedule times to get together and create your wonderful next chapter. I can't wait to meet you!

Are You Ready To Get Started? 

Ready to feel excited about your next chapter? Ready to let go of what no longer serves you

and find a whole new world of possibilities ready and waiting for you?