A self-study program to help you optimize your physical wellness in midlife and  beyond.

Midlife is a time when there's so much going on! Our personal wellness can often take a backseat to just keeping the wheels turning... 

But ultimately if we neglect our self care, everyone suffers. We cannot be our best in the world without first taking care of ourselves.

Like they tell us on the plane - fix your own oxygen mask before helping others.

Our Midlife Wellness Reboot Progam is exactly what you need to take stock of your physical wellness now and help you make any changes you need to set yourself up for optimal health long-term. 

This is for you if you'd like strategies for:

  • managing menopause symptoms so you can get on with the rest of your life 

  • optimal nutrition to support you at this stage of life and beyond

  • maintaining a healthy liver so it supports your hormonal health and much more

  • losing weight and or maintaining a healthy one and what exercise will help do that

  • incorporating more joyful movement into your life day to day - it's not about working out!

  • maintaining optimal energy levels so there's nothing holding you back

  • handling your emotional responses better so you don't get in your own way!

The program is 7 expert video workshops (in easy-to-view bite-size chunks), workbooks, checklists and other resources covering the following key areas: 


Are you struggling with menopause and the mixed messages about it?  Are you wondering whether to take HRT, or try to embrace a more natural transition? It can be so confusing can't it! This workshop tells you all you need to know about how to manage the transition naturally and empower you to feel confident in your choices. The workshop covers Menopause 101, everything you need to know about what it is, how long it lasts and what to expect; what you can do to manage specific symptoms; and particular advice for the following issues: insomnia, hot flashes/flushes, anxiety and vaginal dryness. With Rachel Lankester, founder Magnificent Midlife.


It's hard to feel good if you haven't got your nutrition sorted. In this workshop we take a deep dive into what to eat to keep us healthy long-term. There’s so much conflicting information about what we should and shouldn’t eat at any stage of life but particularly as we go through midlife and beyond. Hear from an expert nutrition therapist what we'd benefit from eating and what we'd do better without. Get set for optimal nutrition long-term. With Wanda Briggs, Nutrition Therapist.

Healthy Liver

Our livers often come under a lot of pressure particularly in midlife. How can we use food and lifestyle changes to support hormonal fluctuations and most importantly to support the work our liver does at this time of transformation? We answer these questions, so you can invest in your health now and enjoy long-term wellbeing in the future. If we look after our livers well in midlife, we're going to have a much easier time as we progress through perimenopause and post menopause too. With Louise Carr, Holistic Nutrition Consultant.

Weight Loss (& Maintenance) 

In this incredibly useful and practical workshop we cover everything you need to know to both lose weight and maintain a healthy one in midlife and beyond. We’ve worked with Lisa Swanson, a certified health and nutrition coach, and personal trainer. She helps women in midlife get and stay healthy long term. She’s also an orthopedic exercise specialist so she is phenomenally qualified to help us. We look at diet, what exercise we need, why and how often, and provide several workouts you can easily do at home. One participant said after doing the workshop, which includes a full body workout video, she felt she'd had a personal training session with Lisa!  With Lisa Swanson, Fitness and Nutrition Coach.

Movement For Life

Staying or getting fit is consistently the top or second issue for women in midlife and beyond in our surveys. And most of us know we need to work harder at getting enough exercise as we age, not less. Not just to keep the midlife spread from increasing, but because our bodies need movement and our bones and muscles need to be exercised if they are to carry us well into later life.  In this workshop you’re going to learn all about how to get and keep movement in your daily life and exactly what you can do to make that happen. And it isn’t at all hard!  With Dr Julie Angel, Movement Coach, Filmmaker and Author.

Optimal Energy

Do you find yourself sometimes struggling to keep your energy up? Need rather too much caffeine to keep you going through the day? Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep but are wide awake late at night? In our optimal energy workshop we’ll be covering these and many other topics to do with achieving optimal energy so we can get on with the cool stuff and not find ourselves held back by our flagging energy! With Bev Roberts, Wellbeing Transformation Coach and Author.

Emotional Intelligence

The main focus of this program is your physical wellness. But we all know our emotional and mental health have an enormous impact on our physical wellness. In this fabulously useful and practical workshop we look at how to cultivate greater self-awareness, what to look out for, how to change our emotional responses and cope better with change in our lives. Because the quality of our lives can increase dramatically when we know ourselves well enough to get out of our own way! With Nanette Irvine, Emotional Intelligence Specialist.

Your investment for the Midlife Wellness Reboot Program is just US$149.


Dip into the program and access the training whenever it suits you. Included are 7 expert video workshops and accompanying workbooks, checklists and other resources to get you to optimal wellness. Get your easy-access Midlife Wellness Reboot today!  

Are You Ready To Get Started? 

Ready to start feeling really well? And confident you know how to maintain optimal wellness long-term?

It's time to invest in future you!

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