Episode 3: Getting active and happy with Jo Moseley

Meet multi-passionate, active lifestyle enthusiast Jo Moseley who, amongst many other things, is the founder of the blog Healthy Happy 50 . She’s passionate about inspiring and empowering women in midlife and beyond to become and stay active, and reap the positive benefits of that.

Jo is a true breath of fresh air. In this highly inspiring interview we cover:

  • Sobbing in supermarkets!
  • Why Jo is passionate about sharing her love of staying active
  • How being active helps with stress and anxiety
  • How indoor rowing cured Jo’s insomnia and helped with grief
  • How not being sporty at school doesn’t preclude sport in later life
  • How she rowed a million metres and a marathon to raise £10,000 for charity and process her grief
  • How Jo is now more like herself at 10 than she was at 30
  • The importance of doing stuff that makes your heart sing
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about what other people think of you
  • How a simple yet full life can be very rich
  • Plogging and why it’s important to Jo
  • How she finally understood running in her 50s

And lots more!

You can find out more about Jo on her website and Instagram at healthyhappy50, and on Twitter as @OneHappyRower and @HealthyHappy50  

This podcast is an extract from a longer video interview available in our Members Club.

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