Episode 103: From fine to fantastic with Lori Saitz

A fun and inspiring conversation with the very wise and straight-talking Lori Saitz about how to move from just feeling fine to feeling truly fantastic. It may seem scary but getting beyond the fear is where the magic happens. And who wants to just stay at fine?

Lori Saitz is a writer, speaker, and broadcaster with a passion for using meditation and gratitude to change lives and help women achieve their goals. She’s also the host of the Fine is a 4-Letter Word Podcast.

We talk about:

  • What happened to Lori to make her change direction and do what she does now
  • How Lori found the strength to move on and to create something different
  • How to trust that what we’re building now will keep us excited and unhappy long enough?
  • Why it’s scary to get quiet and listen to our inner voice
  • Lori’s trilogy for success
  • What Lori’s meditation practice looks like on a daily basis
  • What meditation enables Lori to do in her life
  • Why we should all be thinking about gratitude
  • Cultural differences when it comes to gratitude and positivity
  • What it means to have a gratitude practice
  • Lori’s favorite episode and guest on her own podcast

And more!

Find out more about Lori:

Lori’s website: zenrabbit.com

Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | Twitter

Listen to Lori’s podcast: Fine is a 4-Letter Word Podcast

Book mentioned: The Science of Getting Rich

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