Episode 104: Breaking down taboos with Elizabeth Joseph

Elizabeth Joseph describes herself as a social media menopause guinea pig. She’s on a journey of perimenopausal transformation. We dig into exactly what that means. Elizabeth is so much fun and I know you’re going to be entertained by her perimenopausal antics!

We talk about:

  • What Elizabeth means by being a social media menopause guinea pig
  • How her Instagram feed has grown and what it’s about
  • Why she does what she does
  • Ending the taboo about menopause
  • The funny remedies she’s tried in her perimenopausal journey
  • The importance of being prepared and talking about menopause
  • Going back to her dramatic, entertainment roots
  • Building a community on social media
  • Getting kids involved in menopause conversations
  • What Elizabeth has learnt through her menopause journey
  • What she wants other midlife women to know

And more!

Find out more about Elizabeth Joseph:

Elizabeth’s Instagram

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