Episode 109: Empowering women to lead with Dion Johnson

This is such an inspiring conversation! Dion Johnson, known as the Womanologist, works with women leaders so they can fulfil their potential. She inspires all women to step up and lead, and is the author of Influential Woman: A fresh approach to tackling inequality and leading change at work. Dion is a no nonsense tour de force. She changed my life and I hope she may do the same to yours!

We talk about:

  • What it felt like when Dion discovered Hay House was going to publish her book
  • Why she wrote this book
  • How the book became about inequality
  • How Dion has taken off her many masks throughout life
  • The importance of taking off our masks and how Dion helps women do that
  • Dion’s life before becoming the Womanologist
  • What Dion means by womanity in the book
  • How women can step up to lead
  • The 7 habits to cultivate to be Queen Influencer
  • The importance of faith to Dion (and lack of it to Rachel!)
  • The prejudice often given to people of faith
  • How Dion wants to change the world

And more!

Find out more about Dion:

Dion’s website: thewomanologist.com

Dion’s book: Influential Woman: A fresh approach to tackling inequality and leading change at work

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