Episode 115: Getting the facts straight about menopause solo with Rachel

A solo episode from Rachel talking about menopause and gendered ageism. You can read a transcription of this episode here.

Rachel talks about:

  • Why she still hasn’t moved on from talking about menopause yet
  • The importance of balance around narratives around menopause
  • The impact of gendered ageism on menopause
  • The hormone deficiency narrative and why it drives Rachel nuts
  • Connecting menopause advice and money
  • The importance of staying curious about the message and the messenger
  • New voices in the media talking about menopause
  • The role of HRT and how it’s being promoted
  • HRT and breast cancer
  • Why HRT for life for most women is unnecessary
  • The whales and the Blue Zones
  • How data has been manipulated around menopause
  • Menopause and suicide
  • How some information in the public domain about menopause is plain wrong
  • The $600 billion business opportunity of menopause

And more!

Rachel’s blog – Menopause And Alcohol – What’s Helpful To Know.

Rachel’s research about the 900,000 women have left work figure.

Rachel’s research on the correlation between menopause and suicide.

Order the ebook or audiobook (narrated by Rachel) versions of Rachel’s book, Magnificent Midlife: Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause And Beyond at magnificentmidlife.com/book

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