Episode 116: How to have great midlife sex with Dr Sonia Wright (Re-Release)

Meet Dr Sonia Wright, the Midlife Sex Coach. She’s also a medical doctor, radiologist and life coach, and tremendous fun. This is a brilliant interview all about midlife sex. If you have any issues at all, even tiny ones, in this department, or just want to make your sex life even better, this interview will get you feeling inspired and empowered to take excellent care of yourself and your partner. Let’s all have more fun!

We talk about:

  • How Sonia went from being a radiologist to becoming a sex coach.
  • Understanding the pleasure gap between men and women
  • Moving beyond penis in vagina (PIV) sex
  • The importance of clitoral stimulation
  • How our libido changes as we age
  • Thinking about the many factors that may impact our libido
  • Our biggest sexual organ is the brain
  • Staying curious and exploring different ways to be sexual
  • Self-pleasure to maintain the blood supply to the vulval area
  • Feeling comfortable using lubricants
  • Your best sexual partner is yourself
  • The wonders of the clitoris and how much of is not visible
  • Why Sonia worked in a sex toy shop
  • The fun and pleasure you can get with sex toys
  • Sonia’s toy recommendations
  • Taking the pressure off men by bringing toys into the bedroom
  • Bringing sexual intimacy back when it’s completely slipped off the agenda
  • You can’t have great sex if there are relationship issues
  • A man can still have good sex and an orgasm without an erection
  • How society’s narratives impact our own concept of what is sexy
  • The importance of body image as we age

And more!

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Sonia’s website: themidlifesexcoach.com

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Clitoris diagram here.  

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