Episode 120: Finding your true voice with Hattie Voelcker (Re-Release)

Hattie Voelcker went from being a barrister to retraining as a performance coach, working particularly with singers. She’s so wise and inspiring! And great fun too. 

We talk about:

  • Why Hattie made the change from barrister to performance coach
  • The similarities between the two professions
  • The beauty of transferable skills
  • The power of understanding people’s wants, needs and vulnerabilities
  • How being a family law barrister helps her coaching practice now
  • Moving from a very high-powered career to a new and different role
  • How people of all levels suffer from impostor syndrome
  • How the real fear we feel when stepping forward is looking stupid, both for men and women
  • How our desire for perfection can hold us back
  • Vulnerability and courage as two sides of the same coin
  • Empathy starts with ourselves
  • How it’s OK, in fact, normal, to be nervous when stepping forward
  • It’s fine to be just OK and to be you, and in that is perfection
  • Life is an infinite series of nows
  • How fun is vital to life
  • The importance of pausing in midlife
  • SMOG, WELL and WISE words
  • Getting rid of the word should from our vocabulary!

And more!

Find out more about Hattie:

Hattie’s website: FindYourTrueVoice.co.uk

Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Instagram

Other information mentioned in this episode:

Brene Brown

SMOG words – should, must, ought, got (also have to and need to)

WELL words – want, enjoy, like, love

WISE words – wise, important, sensible, effective

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