Episode 121: Breast cancer and menopause with Dr Liz O’Riordan

Dr Liz O’Riordan is an international speaker, broadcaster and award-winning co-author of ‘The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer’. In 2015 (aged 40) she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer whilst working as a Consultant Breast Surgeon. Her life changed dramatically. She’s passionate about helping people and especially breast cancer patients. (Click here for a summary transcription.)

We talk about:

  • Why women often feel it’s their fault when they get a diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Liz’s concerns about HRT being positioned in the media as safe for women who’ve had breast cancer
  • Why it’s important to stay curious about where information is coming from
  • Challenging existing narratives and what’s being said by whom
  • How Liz coped with having to give up her beloved career
  • What drove Liz to write her blog and why she stopped
  • Her new book and her podcast
  • The importance of exercise when it comes to breast cancer
  • Having fun with hedgehogs
  • The importance of crafting and sewing
  • Coping with her mum’s recent cancer diagnosis
  • What Liz most wants women to know

And more!

Find out more about Dr Liz:

Dr Liz’s website: liz.oriordan.co.uk

Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Dr Liz’s books: The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer and Under the Knife (For Pre-order)

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