Episode 123: How to find your soul mate with Katie Phillips

Katie Philips

Do you dream of finding your soul mate? Do you think it will be just too difficult in midlife? Listen in to Katie Phillips to find out how to call in your person. Katie is the founder of The School of Self Love. She’s a Women’s Empowerment Coach, Love & Dating Mentor and author of ‘The Self Love Affair – A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’. Her passion and expertise is inspiring midlifers that they can create a life they love and call in the love of their life without burn-out or guilt!

We talk about:

  • What inspired Katie to help women call in their soul mate
  • What life experience led Katie to what she does
  • Why self-love is important when it comes to dating
  • The secrets to calling in a soul mate
  • The blocks women put in front of themselves
  • How women can get better at finding their soul mate
  • The self-sabotaging beliefs women have
  • How to make a success of online dating
  • How to stay motivated when it comes to finding your soul mate

And more!

Find out more about Katie:

Katie’s websites: daringandmighty.com | theschoolofself.love 

Katie’s book: The Self-Love Affair: A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life

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