Episode 125: Caring for a loved one with dementia with Carolyn Birrell

Carolyn Birrell

Carolyn Birrell is the author of Walking with Fay, a moving book about her mother’s uncharted path into dementia. Carolyn’s writing began as a way to help her make sense of what was happening and quickly turned into the book she herself had needed, to provide relatable caregiving help. It’s a beautiful, empowering book and I really loved it.

We talk about:

  • What led Carolyn to write such a personal and difficult book
  • Why it took so long to realize how bad things had got with her mother
  • The process of learning her mother had dementia and the early signs
  • Working out what level of interference in her mother’s affairs was appropriate
  • Coming to terms with realizing more help with caregiving was required
  • The kind of support that was needed and how Carolyn found that both for her mother and herself
  • Coping with a lack of recognition from her mother
  • The impact of the global pandemic on her mother’s care
  • What readers can expect from the book
  • Carolyn’s advice for people who fear they are starting to see signs of a parent’s dementia
  • Learning what to say and what not to say to a person with dementia
  • What makes the book different from other memoirs
  • What Carolyn hopes readers will get from the book
  • Carolyn’s advice for anyone just beginning on this path with their loved one

And more!

Find more about Carolyn:

Carolyn’s website: carolynbirrell.com

Linkedin | Instagram | Facebook

Carolyn’s book: Walking with Fay: My Mother’s Uncharted Path into Dementia

Walking with Fay: My Mother's Uncharted Path into Dementia

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Carolyn Birrell

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