Episode 126: Midlife musing solo with Rachel

A solo episode with Rachel, musing about midlife and what’s been happening in her world.

She talks about:

  • How difficult it can be when we have to pivot in how we interact with our older loved ones
  • The beginning of her journey into studying Gerontology
  • What successful aging really means/ looks like
  • Finding strategies to cope with loss as we age
  • The importance of thinking creatively about how people age
  • Enabling people to age as they want to age
  • Dodgy menopause data
  • Challenging narratives
  • Recent podcasts
  • Learning from adversity
  • How to create magnificence in midlife and beyond
  • What you can access at magnificentmidlife.com

And more!

Rachel’s message on World Menopause Day on Instagram – Happy World Menopause Day! I’m having a rant!

Rachel’s research about the 900,000 women have left work figure.

Rachel’s interview with DiverCity podcast: Focus on the menopause and reframing the narrative

Revitalize Self Study

Order the ebook or audiobook (narrated by Rachel) versions of Rachel’s book, Magnificent Midlife: Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause And Beyond at magnificentmidlife.com/book

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