Episode 135: Living the dream in the desert with Sam Walker (Re-Release)

Sam Walker

Sam Walker started her Sam Walker’s Desert Diaries podcast to document her move from Manchester, UK to Phoenix, Arizona. Sam is a master storyteller, an award-winning radio and TV broadcaster, a multiple podcast producer and presenter, a writer, and a woman who encountered coyotes, snakes and scorpions in the desert. This is such an inspirational gem of a podcast, I just had to re-release it!

We talk about:

  • Why Sam decided to up sticks and move from Manchester to the desert
  • How she pushed through the fear both before making the move and after, given all the issues she has faced
  • Having support when making a big life change
  • Trusting the universe when there are signs along the way
  • The importance of trying to live our dreams no matter how big or small those might be
  • The difficulties and highlights of her life in Arizona
  • The many quirky things about adapting to US life
  • Trying to function in the US without a credit history
  • The delights of the US medical system
  • The beauty and history of US landscapes
  • Whatever brings you joy is what is right for you
  • The importance of following your dreams whatever they are
  • Getting rid of the word should
  • How Sam stays upbeat despite the many setbacks she’s encountered
  • Coping with being away from sick loved ones
  • Coming to terms with gun culture
  • Realising her white privilege when things got really tough
  • Being grateful for the basics

And lots more!

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