Episode 136: Midlife update, solo with Rachel

Rachel’s back with a solo update on what’s been happening in her world and the exciting launch of MenoClarity.

She talks about:

  • An update on her mum post breaking her hip
  • Adapting to a new way of living
  • The fluctuation of mental capacity
  • Digital exclusion and Internet upgrade issues
  • Levels of customer service for older people and how those need to change
  • The wonders of the Amazon Alexa Show
  • Her trip to the Philippines
  • Working remotely and more wonders of technology
  • Setting up MenoClarity – who the team is and their aims
  • Creating unbiased balance when it comes to menopause
  • Stopping the climate of fear and creating better narratives for all women especially young ones
  • Questioning the over promotion of hormone therapy and especially as a preventative medicine
  • The original source of the menopause as a hormone deficiency narrative – the 1966 book Feminine Forever, financed by HRT manufacturers
  • How the women in the Blue Zones do not owe their long healthful lives to hormone therapy
  • Use of the phrase medical gaslighting to shut down discussion
  • International Women’s Day and what older women need to thrive
  • Equity versus equality

And more!

Resources mentioned:

Amazon Alexa Show


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