Episode 145: Leaning into midlife, solo with Rachel

A solo podcast from Rachel with more midlife musing on life, the universe and everything in between! Let’s lean into midlife and our wisdom years!

She talks about:

  • The new BSI Menstruation and Menopause in the Workplace Guide launch with Mariella Fostrup
  • How we need a revolution in how women especially older ones are viewed in the world
  • The inaugural MenoClarity Live summit in September
  • Out and about talking about midlife and menopause
  • The podcast season so far
  • One year off the booze!
  • How we only make change when we decide to

And more!

[The BSI Guide] Menstruation, Menstrual Health And Menopause In The Workplace

[Register Here] MenoClarity Live: Menopause Without The Hype | Friday 29th September 2023 | 9.30-17.00 UK Time

Time Magazine: Now’s The Time To Bring Up Menopause At Work

100 Days Without Alcohol

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