Episode 146: Writing your story with Julia Brewer Daily

Julia Brewer Daily wrote her first novel, No Names To Be Given, when she was over 50. This book was inspired by her own experience as an adopted child from a maternity home hospital in New Orleans. She’s also the host of the Authors Over 50 podcast. Her mission is to encourage those in mid-life and beyond to live their best lives in what she calls Life’s Sweetest Third. This is a fascinating conversation about what happened when Julia went looking for and started writing her story.

We talk about:

  • The personal story behind Julia’s first book
  • Julia’s experience of being adopted
  • Why it took so long for Julia to write her book
  • What it was like finding her birth family
  • Learning about and beginning to understand her birth mother’s experience
  • Julia’s writing process and her second book
  • Julia’s podcast and mission
  • How new writers can best get going
  • What helps writers fulfil their dreams

And more!

Julia’s website: www.juliadaily.com

Podcast: authorsover50.com

Instagram | Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook

Julia’s books: No Names To Be Given and The Fifth Daughter Of Thorn Ranch

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