Episode 150: Finding the true truth with Ann Marie McQueen

Celebrating episode 150 of the podcast with a very special guest. Ann Marie McQueen is a journalist on the world stage, focused on menopause and on a mission to cut through misleading narratives and dodgy data. She founded HotFlash Inc in 2020 to cover the latest clinical studies, treatments, products, guidance and more via a weekly research letter, podcast and across social media. She’s also one of the founder members of MenoClarity.

We talk about:

  • Why and how menopause became Ann Marie’s focus
  • Living in the Middle East as a Canadian expat
  • Cultural differences around menopause narratives
  • What annoys and concerns her about how menopause is portrayed
  • Issues around the impact of social media on menopause narratives
  • The oversimplification of menopause messages
  • Ann Marie’s struggles with ill health and separating that out from hormonal change
  • The impact of belief systems and trauma on menopause
  • The impact of early parental bereavement
  • How her view of menopause has changed
  • Understanding research and what it’s really saying
  • Being sceptical about big promises that make people money
  • Menopause narratives that don’t empower women
  • Menopause as a hero’s journey

And more!

Anne Marie’s website: hotflashinc.com

Instagram | Twitter | Tiktok

Podcast: The Hotflash inc podcast

Resources mentioned:

Hotflash inc episode 73: I had a good mother

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