Episode 152: Getting back on stage with Josephine Pembroke

Josephine Pembroke is a performer and founder of Radio Gorgeous. She trained at Drama Studio and has been in many bands, cabaret and theatre productions. She decided to get back on stage in her 60s and is currently starring in her own show, The Working Girls of Soho, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival. Josephine is a hoot! Prepare to giggle and be inspired that anything is possible!

We talk about:

  • Why Josephine is back on the stage after all these years
  • What the show, The Working Girls of Soho, is all about
  • The history and culture of Soho
  • Life in London in the 80s and 90s
  • Josephine’s experience in the London’s club scene
  • What’s it like for Josephine to actually be doing cabaret on the stage
  • The all-girl band, Pussies Galore and their performances in London and abroad
  • Josephine’s struggle with needing attention 
  • The importance of discipline and creativity in Josephine’s life
  • What Josephine has learned about herself by going back on the stage
  • How baby steps are all we need to make big change

And more!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Podcast: Radio Gorgeous

Her upcoming event: The Working Girls of Soho | Monday 13th November 7:30pm

You can read more about Josephine’s adventures here.

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