Episode 153: Getting to grips with the crisis of care with Emily Kenway

Emily Kenway is the author of the groundbreaking book, “Who Cares: the Hidden Crisis of Caregiving and How We Solve It”, written after the painful experience of caring for her cancer stricken mother. Who Cares is an intimate and deeply researched account of the experiences of unpaid carers, and a call for us all to put care at the center of our lives. Emily researches, writes and speaks about thought-provoking social issues, shedding light on the crucial forces shaping our lives and communities.

We talk about:

  • How Emily found the strength to write such a book out of her own deep grief
  • Emily’s personal experience with caregiving
  • The importance of recognizing care as a continuous condition of life
  • The need for more practical support for carers 
  • Reducing the stigma surrounding care work
  • How older people can refuse outside help due to vulnerability concerns
  • How women are often expected to prioritize care work over paid work
  • Disparities in labor rights and opportunities between men and women
  • Gender roles in caregiving for elderly relatives
  • Age, vulnerability, and acceptance of care
  • How practising reciprocal support can help create a culture that values vulnerability and mutual aid
  • The care commons idea – sharing care responsibilities in a community 
  • The need for government action on workplace regulations to enable care
  • Reducing working hours to improve productivity and work-life balance

And more!

Emily’s website: emilykenway.com

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Emily’s book: Who Cares: the Hidden Crisis of Caregiving and How We Solve It

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