Episode 163: Finding what works at midlife with Dr Maria Luque

Dr. Maria Luque is a menopause fitness expert, a health science professor, and an Air Force veteran. She’s passionate about helping menopausal women become healthier, stronger, and happier. Her PhD dissertation was all about enhancing quality of life in menopause.

We talk about:

  • What quality of life in menopause means to Maria
  • Maria’s research on menopause
  • Misinformation and fear surrounding menopause
  • Embracing menopause and aging
  • Challenging menopause narratives
  • The influence of marketing and misinformation
  • Overcoming analysis paralysis
  • Trusting your own knowledge and instincts
  • The impact of polarizing menopause narratives
  • The need for nuanced conversations women’s health
  • The complexity of hormone therapy
  • The power of polarization in marketing
  • The importance of doing the work
  • Body image issues in menopause
  • Finding balance

And more!

Website: fitnessinmenopause.com

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Dr Maria Luque

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