Episode 164: The power of herbs for menopause with Hannah Charman

Hannah Charman

Hannah Charman  has been a medical herbalist since 1999, having first become interested in alternative medicine when she used it to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome in her early teens. She specialises now in helping women who prefer or need a natural route through menopause, combining herbal medicine with health coaching.

We talk about:

  • What a medical herbalist is
  • Hannah’s journey to becoming a medical herbalist
  • Holistic approaches to menopause and health in general
  • The gifts of menopause
  • The role of trauma in menopause
  • How herbal medicines work and especially for menopause
  • The misconceptions and benefits of herbal medicine
  • Embracing the discomfort of menopause
  • Empowering menopausal women
  • The environmental impact of hormones
  • Navigating menopause based on individual experience
  • The power of herbs and Hannah’s passion for herbal medicine

And more!

Hannah’s website: physichealth.uk

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Hannah Charman

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