Episode 165: Midlife update, solo with Rachel

Rachel Lankester

A midlife update from Rachel on what’s been happening lately and what’s coming up for her as we move towards summer. 

She talks about:

  • Cherishing loved ones and coping with grief
  • Recent podcast episodes
    • Being a veteran
    • Black menopause and staying curious
    • Staying strong and healing
    • Embodied experience of postmenopause
    • Discovering the joy of volunteering
    • Finding what works in midlife
    • The power of herbs
  • Questioning big claims about hormone therapy and future health
  • The Mind Body Spirit Festival (London) and Everywoman Festival (Cardiff)
  • Poverty in later life being a gendered issue
  • The growing concern of digital exclusion

And more!

Mentioned in the podcast:

Let’s Focus On Known Facts About HRT | MenoClarity IG

Jean Hailes research

Everywoman Festival | Mind Body Spirit Festival

This podcast is dedicated to Rachel’s friend Uwe Mathon

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Rachel Lankester

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