Episode 168: DNA surprises, identity, healing and growth with Maria Leonard Olsen

Maria Leonard Olsen

This is such a fascinating podcast! Maria Leonard Olsen is a lawyer, an author, a TEDx speaker, and a mentor to women in recovery. She wrote 50 After 50: Reframing the Next Chapter of Your Life and is host of the Becoming Your Best Version podcast. She’s had a very full and fascinating life – so far. She has so many enthralling stories to share.

We talk about:

  • Maria’s background and passion for travel
  • Exploring other cultures and overcoming historical prejudices
  • The power of continuous growth and trying new things
  • Racial prejudice and mixed heritage identity
  • Unveiling family secrets: Maria’s DNA test surprise
  • Navigating the legal and emotional implications of misattributed parentage
  • Connecting with a previously unknown biological parent
  • Grappling with changed heritage and identity
  • Maria’s difficult journey to sobriety
  • Breaking the silence on sexual assault
  • The importance of self-care in midlife
  • What somatic healing means to Maria
  • Lifelong learning

And more!

Maria’s website: www.marialeonardolsen.com

Book: 50 After 50: Reframing the Next Chapter of Your Life

Podcast: Becoming Your Best Version

TEDx Talk: Turning Life’s Challenges Into a Force for Good

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Other resources mentioned:

Remote Year (Travel group)

23andMe: DNA Genetic Testing For Health, Ancestry And More

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Maria Leonard Olsen

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