Episode 31: Teenagers, diabetes and coronavirus with Helen Wills

An inspiring and uplifting interview with Helen Wills, a lifestyle blogger and midlife mum of teenagers. She originally started a blog in the voices of her children but as they grew older she’s found her own voice including just starting a podcast! She’s usually to be found wearing yellow or pink and is a whole lot of fun. We recorded this interview a week before the full coronavirus lockdown in the UK.

We talk about:

  • Looking after a child with diabetes under the coronavirus lockdown
  • Coping with teenagers at home during lockdown when they want to go out
  • Struggling with setting boundaries during lockdown
  • Working from home when there are kids around
  • Taking it all one day at a time and being gentle
  • In time lockdown will just be a blip on the landscape
  • How to harness your anxiety as a family to enable coping strategies
  • Doing what we need to do to protect the vulnerable including those with invisible vulnerabilities
  • Dealing with the uncertainty of diabetes and other diseases
  • Tips for working from home
  • Our modern day dependence on wifi
  • Managing distractions when trying to work from home
  • Social distancing and how not to do it
  • The lack of social distancing on TV
  • Thinking beyond the panic of this unprecedented situation
  • Being separated from adult children
  • Helping older parents during this time
  • Using technology to get through isolation
  • How older people can be scared of technology
  • Ageing and technology, and not allowing ourselves to become digital dinosaurs
  • Having to relearn how to do things
  • How everything you need to know, you can learn on the internet
  • How learning new skills can be great for maintaining brain health
  • Finding nice comfortable shoes not ugly sandals
  • How to stop being invisible
  • How marketers don’t segment over 50
  • How older women are ignored when it comes to advertising
  • How we get more diverse as we get older not less
  • It’s important to represent our age bracket in a positive light
  • Helen’s new podcast called Teenage Kicks
  • Providing advice for parents of teens because there wasn’t much available
  • Finding hope for dealing with difficult teens, from the experiences of adults who had problems when they were teens
  • Feeling reassured that the pandemic will end and life will be fine

And more!


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Helen’s Blog: 10 Ways to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

You can find out more about Helen:

Websites: actuallymummy.co.ukspaceinyourcase.com

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