Episode 35: Zestful ageing, not ageism with Nicole Christina

Zestful ageing, not ageism with Nicole Christina

An interview with Nicole Christina, a psychotherapist, and host of the Zestful Aging Podcast which is listened to in more than 85 countries! Nicole is an utter delight and we had such a laugh together. She is also very wise.

We talk about:

  • The joy of podcasting and why it means so much
  • How Nicole’s podcast has provided a balance to the negativity associated with aging
  • What zestful aging means to Nicole
  • Coping with loss and the negative aspects of ageing while fully appreciating the delightful things
  • The magic of technology for learning things and staying in touch
  • How the pandemic has brought ageism to the fore
  • How shocking it is to hear leaders dismissing the impact of corona because it ‘only’ affects the old and vulnerable
  • The way society dismisses the experience and wisdom of older people because of the way they look
  • Putting a monetary value on people’s lives
  • The ugliness of the political environment in the US and the UK
  • Big centres in New York and the UK that are being turned into hospitals
  • Justifying going out to buy things
  • The radical change in our day to day decisions
  • Coping with anxiety at this time – laughter helps!
  • Finding basic stillness is really helpful for managing stress
  • Managing eating whether too much or too little under stress
  • There are no dress rules under a pandemic
  • Ditching the bra and pantyhose
  • Needing something more in midlife
  • How Nicole started her podcast and why
  • The magic of fly fishing
  • The magic of sharing stories and changing how people think about ageing
  • The amazing things older women are doing in the world
  • Knitting prosthetics for breast cancer survivors in Africa
  • The nourishing aspect of learning what other women are doing
  • You don’t get to this age without experiencing tough stuff
  • Whether or not to allow men on our podcasts
  • Promoting the voices of older women
  • The democratisation of broadcasting through podcasting
  • The dual aims of entertaining and educating on the podcast
  • Getting the right balance between sharing the hard stuff and still being uplifting

And lots more!

Find out more about Nicole Christina:

Website: nicolechristina.com

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You can also listen to Nicole’s Zestful Aging Podcast

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Zestful ageing, not ageism with Nicole Christina

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