Episode 36: Pandemic pondering, solo with Rachel - Magnificent Midlife

Episode 36: Pandemic pondering, solo with Rachel

Pandemic pondering with Rachel

I’m in contemplative mood in this solo episode, pondering the implications of the Covid19 pandemic now, soon and when this nightmare is finally over. I’m pondering:

Life under lockdown
How adaptable we actually are
The stages of processing the new reality
Grieving for the change to all our lives
Finding purpose and fulfillment through picking up rubbish!
Dog poo bags – a personal rant
Doing Facetime with my mum and virtual Sunday lunch
Appreciating those who look after us
Reversing the racism that has come about from Brexit
Protecting the vulnerable long term
Imagining a new ‘normal’
Weakening the buying muscle
Shifting priorities when big shit happens
How acquiring stuff becomes less important
Working from home now works so it should continue
Getting excited about the possibilities for change
We can take swift action to change the world when we need to
The positive changes that have come from lockdown
We’ve proved that we can live differently
Being aware of how Covid19 will affect poor countries
Seizing the opportunity to create a different world, a new ‘normal’

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