Episode 37: Starting a business in midlife with Colleen Kochannek

An interview with midlife entrepreneur coach Colleen Kochannek on how to start a business in midlife and beyond. Colleen also very bravely opens up about coping with becoming a widow at 50.

We talk about:

  • Moving on from redundancy
  • Insidious ageism in the workplace
  • The difficulty of finding work in midlife and beyond
  • Starting a business instead of getting a new job
  • Older women make great entrepreneurs
  • The skills we have that make us great business creators
  • Identifying your unique skills – many that have come with age
  • Not being afraid of technology
  • Not making those digital dinosaur excuses
  • Being a digital immigrant
  • The joy of working out how to do something technical
  • How working online can actually be reasonably easy nowadays
  • The many places online where you can find affordable help
  • Focus on your own zone of genius – hire out the rest
  • Working out what your business could be when you have no idea
  • Looking at the things you love, are good at and what people ask you to do
  • Working out what you do not want to do
  • Valuing home-maker skills as much as any others
  • The first steps to building an online business
  • The importance of validating your idea
  • Testing out your idea on Facebook
  • Building an email list of potential customers
  • Working out what your minimal viable product is
  • Learning about freebies/ optins
  • Becoming a widow at 50
  • Coping with losing your husband
  • Finding a reason to look forward and creating a new life
  • Taking responsibility for your domestic affairs
  • How creating her business helped 
  • Colleen cope with grief
  • Adapting to life being single

And lots more!

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Find out more about Colleen:

Website: www.scrappyfrontier.com

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