Episode 38: Making the most of an empty nest with Coach Christine

A moving, thought-provoking interview with Coach Christine, the Empty Nest Coach who helps women adapt and make the very most of their lives when their children leave home. This was recorded before the world went crazy! But there are a lot of universal truths here, especially about finding ourselves in midlife and dealing with change and difficult emotions. Christine is a whole lot of fun!

We talk about:

  • Feeling the pain when children are no longer at home
  • Making the most of an empty nest
  • Becoming a coach for women in midlife
  • Being a podcaster and the joy of sharing stories
  • Getting energy from working through obstacles to move women forward
  • Being in the simmer working out what to do next
  • Being willing to pivot when things don’t work out as we hoped
  • FAIL – first attempt in learning
  • Peeling back the layers to find out who we really are
  • Feeling the fear from going through the discovery process
  • The power that comes from finding our true essence when we strip away everything we’ve built up over the years
  • Question every thought that comes into your head
  • Just because you think something doesn’t make it true
  • The basic stuff about life that we’re not taught in school
  • Giving yourself time to adjust to a new life when the kids leave
  • Everyone in the home needs to adjust to the new way of operating not just mom
  • Planning your future in a different world
  • Tips for letting go of our adult children
  • Backing off from trying to fix things for them
  • Even if you don’t have kids, there are still big changes in midlife to deal with
  • Doing the analysis work in midlife to get clarity on what will really help going forward
  • Being nice to yourself in your thoughts – be kind to yourself

And lots more!

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Find out more about Coach Christine:

Website: youremptynestcoach.com

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