Episode 45: Putting on a sell-out show about menopause with Claire Hodgson

Claire Hodgeson

An extraordinary interview with Claire Hodgson MBE, one of the stars of the fabulous play Mid Life which had a sell-out run at the Barbican in London. She’s the founder of Diverse City, the Bristol theater company behind this production, and the co-founder of Extraordinary Bodies, the UK’s leading professional integrated circus company.

In this inspiring and empowering interview, we talk about:

  • Claire’s passion for diversity in the performing arts and theater in particular
  • Institutional and systematic racism in our society and hoping that we are at a time of real transformation
  • How it’s time for white people to do something about racism because black people are exhausted and broken
  • How often big moments of change in social justice come very quickly and white people need to act now
  • How it’s important to have everyone’s story told and for everyone to be represented in life to validate our identity and experience
  • The good things that can happen for us when we just say yes
  • The importance of intersectionality and levels of prejudice dependent on our experience
  • The many different stories around menopause and midlife
  • How disabled people may be used to having restrictions on them, so lockdown was nothing new for them
  • The difficulties of being in the live theater industry under Covid
  • How much support the theater industry in particular needs from government and society
  • Ways actors and performers are getting creative to continue showing their work
  • Drive in theaters over the summer to get around restrictions
  • Needing to be creative about how theater is presented may actually result in greater audience diversity and bigger audiences
  • Claire’s own experience of menopause and why she wanted to make the play Mid Life
  • How we care less and can get clearer about what we do and don’t want as we age
  • Unveiling the big secret in the show!
  • The power of midlife reflection and transformation
  • The powerful role midlife women can have in creating the new normal

And lots more!

Find out more about Claire:

Diverse City (founder)

Extraordinary Bodies (co-founder)

Claire Hodgson Linkedin, Claire Hodgson Twitter

Diverse City Facebook, Diverse City Linkedin, Diverse City Twitter

Extraordinary Bodies Facebook, Extraordinary Bodies Twitter, Extraordinary Bodies Instagram

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Claire Hodgson

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