Episode 46: Creating a different world, solo with Rachel

creating a different world

A solo catch-up episode with podcast host Rachel, up close and personal, talking about adapting to the world we now find ourselves living in, how our internal life can expand as our external one shrinks and how we might imagine a whole new normal.

I talk about:

  • Adapting to a Covid world
  • Visiting my mum
  • Staying as healthy as possible
  • Some of the recent podcast highlights
  • The impact of the Black Lives Matter movement
  • My BLM podcasts
  • What I have learnt about being anti-racist
  • Understanding what white privilege is
  • Tone policing and white fragility
  • How white silence is racism
  • Layers of prejudice and how the focus on BLM may also help fight ageism
  • Making the most of our heart beats
  • Expanding our mental and emotional world despite the restrictions on our physical world
  • 2020 – the year to reassess everything
  • Looking inside for our inner sense of strength and knowledge
  • Morning pages and how powerful that can be
  • Taking time to think about what you want going forward
  • Making the most of our power and making our voices heard
  • Stepping into our feminine power to make a better world

And more!


Books mentioned in this episode:

Me And White Supremacy

Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race (Race in the UK)

Listen to the podcasts mentioned in this episode:

Putting on a sell-out show about menopause with Claire Hodgson

Menopause, hormones and immune systems with Angela Counsel

Making the most of your heart beats with Julie Owen Moylan

Confronting anti-Black racism with Kimberly McCormick

Why Black lives matter with Kwavi Agbeyegbe

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Creating a different world, solo with Rachel


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