Episode 47: Learning to prioritize yourself with Linda McLean

Learning to prioritize yourself

An intimate chat with Canadian singer-songwriter Linda McLean, opening up about life, music, writing and what makes her tick as an older woman. This interview includes a reading from Linda’s forthcoming book all about making yourself the most important person in your life.

We talk about:

  • Learning to prioritize ourselves and speak our truth
  • The emotional power of music and words
  • Going on new creative journeys as we progress through life
  • Thinking about what really matters in life
  • Taking up space in our own lives
  • Fighting the cultural imperative for women to put others first
  • How our life anchors can shift in midlife
  • Learning to share our stories and acknowledge the impact those can have on others
  • Moving on from a maternal role when children leave home
  • Finding the spark in inter-generational sharing
  • Rationalizing our many varied roles as women
  • Thinking about what we’d do if we were to die tomorrow
  • Learning to live in the moment and do what we most want to do
  • Finding answers inside ourselves and taking responsibility for our lives
  • Moving beyond victim-hood and acknowledging our power
  • The importance of yoga and meditation in Linda’s life
  • What it’s like being a touring musician
  • The impact of Alexander Technique and getting more aware of posture
  • How the body wants to fix itself and get us into balance

And lots more!

Be sure to check out Linda’s three beautiful albums on Spotify

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Linda’s Website

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