Episode 49: The joy of walking cities with Lisa Weldon

Walking Cities

An interview with Lisa Weldon, a writer who’s created a fascinating life for herself in her next chapter, by walking cities! This was recorded pre-lockdown when travel was still normal but seems super relevant now that walking is a much more comfortable option than public transport!

We talk about:

  • How and why Lisa started walking cities
  • How she decides where she’s going to walk
  • Why she chose to go to Shanghai
  • What she does when she first arrives at a destination
  • What it’s like travelling alone
  • Why she loves walking cities
  • Being more confident and outgoing when we’re abroad
  • The most interesting things she’s discovered about a city that only walking could make happen
  • Lisa’s favourite city to walk and why
  • Getting used to eating alone
  • Lisa’s narrow escapes. Fortunately, not too many!
  • Lisa’s favourite walking footwear
  • What this experience has taught her about herself
  • Lisa’s advice for a woman in midlife who’s stuck and in need of an adventure

And lots more!

You can find out more about Lisa:

Lisa’s Website

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

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Walking Cities

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