Episode 58: Ditching imposter syndrome with Clare Josa

Ditching imposter syndrome

Clare Josa is an author of 8 books, a speaker, an NLP trainer and a leadership mentor. She started out as an engineer and uses a lot of that discipline in her soul-engineered leadership work.
She says that “changing the world isn’t so much about what you do, as about who you allow yourself to become. “

We talk about:

  • How Clare moved from engineering to doing what she does now
  • Sexism in engineering when she started out
  • Moving into market research at Dyson
  • Wanting to work with people instead of machines and make a difference
  • Bringing the woo into engineering and personal development
  • How men are often more open to the woo and energy work than women
  • Teaching energy work experientially so that everyone can get it
  • Women leaders can sometimes be wearing too much armour to embrace the more feminine aspects of leadership
  • The importance of being accepted for all of who we are
  • How work still doesn’t work for women who have responsibilities outside work
  • How Covid has helped many working women by forcing meetings and training to be online
  • Getting used to working and connecting on Zoom
  • The law profession as a hotbed for imposter syndrome
  • The difference between self-doubt and imposter syndrome
  • The 4 Ps of imposter syndrome
  • How people-pleasing can be a big issue for women
  • Midlife women and imposter syndrome
  • Menopause is the peak of imposter syndrome for women
  • Being hyper-vigilant to threat when under stress
  • Changing the ageist bias against older women
  • Why stress impacts hormones and makes menopausal brain fog and hot flushes even worse
  • Understanding negative self-talk and learning to stop it
  • The midlife identity shift
  • The dangers of judging ourselves
  • It’s never too late to get started on anything – take action today

And more!

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Access Clare’s Ditching Imposter Syndrome Training here: http://www.clarejosa.com/magnificentmidlife/

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Clare Josa

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