Episode 63: Pole dancing over 50 with Makeda Smith

Makeda Smith

I interview Makeda Smith, celebrity publicist, pole and exotic dancer. She began her pole and aerial training at the age of 50 and created her own exotic dance brand called FlyingOver50.

We talk about:
• How Makeda came to start pole dancing at age 50
• How pole dancing changed her life
• Why sexy never gets old
• The Everybody Visible movement on social media
• How women in midlife and beyond can stay feeling sexy
• How to get over the fear of injury when staying active as we age
• Taking the fear out of the pole aspect of what Makeda does
• Cultural differences in responses to older women being sexy
• Balancing PR and pole dancing
• Those very high shoes Makeda wears
• Adapting to classes in a Covid world
• Awakening the sleeping goddess in all of us

And more!

Find out more about Makeda:

Makeda’s websites: www.FlyingOver50.com and www.JazzmynePR.com

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Makeda Smith started her pole dancing journey at the tender age of 50 and a decade later is letting nothing stop her mission to help all women discover their inner goddess.

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