Episode 67: Changing the world through food with Gilly Smith

Gilly Smith is an award-winning food writer, broadcaster, university lecturer, a retreat host and most recently podcaster. She’s written lots of books and presents and produces a number of food related podcasts including the Right 2 Food podcast for the Food Foundation.

We talk about:
• How and why Gilly got started with her latest podcast: ‘Right 2 Food’
• Why Gilly became passionate about food sustainability
• How Covid has brought food sustainability and availability to the fore
• Why knowing where your food comes from and how it gets to you is important
• Who to support with your money when it comes to food
• Things you can do for your local food markets
• Recognizing the simple things right under our noses
• Why culturally linked foods are so important
• Learning about the importance of food sustainability
• Gilly’s experience with her own family recipes
• Helping other find their voice through teaching about podcasting
• Appreciating the foods you’re exposed to
• It’s easier and cheaper to cook with a conscious
• The importance of learning to cook and really savour food

And more!

Find out more about Gilly:

Gilly’s website

Books: Taste and the TV Chef: How Storytelling Can Save the Planet and How to Start and Grow a Successful Podcast

To check all the books from the top foodie podcast, Cooking the Books with Gilly Smith , click HERE.

Podcasts: Right2Food, Cooking The Books With Gilly Smith, How to Eat To Save The Planet and The Delicious

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