Episode 68: Living a Kuel Midlife with Jacqueline Perez

Jacqueline Perez is the founder of Kuel Life, an online magazine and shop for women over 45. Her mission is to redefine midlife for the modern woman and to create relevant content and products for older women.

We talk about:
• Jack’s journey into entrepreneurship in starting Kuel Life
• How Kuel Life was a huge pivot for Jack in thinking about the world
• Jack’s initial struggle in coming to terms with ageing
• How Jack wants to help both younger and midlife women
• Jack’s realization that change needed to happen in her life
• Feeling brave to speak out on what you want
• Why menopause should be taught and talked about more with women early on in life
• The problems with how we treat our elders in English-speaking societies
• The differences between cultures and how they view age, and how that reflects on women in particular
• The matriarchs in Jack’s Cuban family
• Jack’s experience at a Bedouin wedding in Jordan
• Jack’s expertise in taekwondo and journey into power-lifting
• How some of the best relationships can form later in life
• How much more important exercise is as you age and it’s never too late to start
• Embracing who we are as women

And more!

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