Episode 69: Menopause whilst Black with Karen Arthur

Karen Arthur

Karen Arthur is an educator, fashion designer, dancer and a podcaster. She’s the host of the Menopause Whilst Black Podcast set up to amplify Black women’s voices.

We talk about:
• How the BLM movement inspired Karen to create her podcast
• Menopause isn’t one size fits all
• Making sure your workplace is taking care of you through menopause
• The different menopause experience of Black women
• How to actually make a difference around racial injustice
• Karen’s experience with her depression
• Karen’s realization she was going through menopause and how it changed her life
• Experiences around therapy and doing it when you’re ready
• Realizing when you need help
• Knowing when to say no and take care of your body
• Establishing boundaries with yourself
• Honoring getting older
• Allowing the wonderful midlife to happen rather than resisting it
• What menopause can give you

And more!

Find out more about Karen:

Website: reddskin.co.uk

Podcast: Menopause Whilst Black

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Karen Arthur

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