Episode 70: Letting your life speak with Mari Smith

Mari Smith is one of the foremost experts in Facebook marketing and is often referred to as the Queen of Facebook. She’s been named one of 7 women shaping digital marketing by IBM and one of the Top Ten Social Media Power Influencers many years in a row. She’s shared stages with the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington to name a few. I’m a bit gob-smacked she’s joined me on the podcast! This is a long episode but there is so much goodness here.

You can watch a video of this podcast here.

We talk about:
• How Mari maintains her positive outlook
• Remembering to stay grateful despite difficulties
• The new ways of connecting that have come about because of Covid
• The differences between the UK and US around positivity and doing your own thing
• The early days of starting to be an entrepreneur
• Mari’s experience of Canada, UK and US culture
• Maris’ very close connection to Scotland
• Her thoughts on Scottish independence and Brexit having lived in the US for so long
• Taking a bigger view on the state of the world
• When sometimes only chocolate muffins will do the trick
• Changing your name or your location if you want to change your destiny
• Trusting astrocartography – locational astrology
• Shaking up every day routines and embracing the pivot
• Blending Mari’s love of people and technology
• No one is immune from sadness and how we deal with it is important
• Mari’s journey to finding her place in the world
• Remaining relevant in a male dominant industry
• ‘The Social Dilemma’ film and how social technology impacts us
• Understanding the ‘perfect’ nature of what we see on social media
• How Facebook has changed
• Experience of ageism and sexism
• Being the token female at events
• The importance of being authentic, consistent, be compassionate and non-judgemental
• How important boundaries are
• The power of video when communicating with your audience
• Mari’s desire to express all of herself as she evolves
• Feeling the fear and going for it anyway
• Letting your life speak

And more!

Find out more about Mari:

Mari’s website

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Linkedin | Youtube

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Let Your Life Speak

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