Episode 76: How to age well with Susan Saunders

Susan Saunders

Meet Susan Saunders, co-author of the best-selling book, The Age-Well Project and author of her latest book The Age-Well Plan, a blue-print for how to age well. The Age-Well Project is the book I wish I’d written so I was thrilled to have Susan talk to us. She will inspire you to see that you have so much impact on how you age.

We talk about:

  • How Susan’s family history lead her to want to age well
  • How the Age-Well Project started and the research involved
  • The six key areas of aging well
  • Starting with a purpose: why do you want to age well?
  • Getting the right nutrition
  • What to include or not include in your diet if you want to age well
  • The importance of fibre
  • The dirty dozen and the clean fifteen
  • The importance of movement
  • How to do easy movement throughout the day
  • Getting enough of the right kind of sleep
  • How to prioritize sleep
  • Having a positive attitude towards aging
  • Considering the environment in which you live

And more!

You can read a summary of this podcast here.

Find out more about Susan:

Susan’s website

Susan’s books: The Age Well Project | The Age Well Plan



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Susan Saunders

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