Episode 77: Triumph over adversity with Elizabeth Solaru

An interview with Elizabeth Solaru, the founder of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium and maker of luxury wedding cakes. Elizabeth has a fascinating story to tell about multiple reinventions including a new one accelerated by the global pandemic. She’s the mistress of creating opportunity out of challenge.

We talk about:

  • Elizabeth’s careers before cake-making
  • Being a microbiologist and working for the health service
  • The trauma of child loss
  • Why Elizabeth went back to college to study for an MBA
  • How she started headhunting while still studying
  • Making the leap into luxury cake making
  • Famous clients and exotic locations
  • Coping during Covid when your business is wedding cakes
  • Being open to possibility and curious about how to fix issues
  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

And more!

Find out more about Elizabeth:

Her websites: Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium | Luxury Wedding Cakes London

                         Create the Luxury Business of Your Dreams | Luxury Business Emporium

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Elizabeth Solaru

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